Eps 20 – Steadicam Operator Alan G. Kelly – Crimson Peak – The Strain

When discussing horror films, it is easy to get fixated with the actors, the directors, the writers and the special effects artists involved in the film. But there are far more people involved in creating movie magic and the horror films we love. One such profession is the camera man (and woman), the talented and dedicated people behind the camera – literally.  On this episode, we sit down with one such maestro of mystery, Alan G. Kelly, who has been working in the business for over a decade on such films as Dream House, Carrie (2013), Robocop (2014) and Pacific Rim.

Welcome to another episode of The Future of Horror, an interview podcast featuring new, upcoming talent in horror, The show is brought to you by Horror News Radio, the official HorrorNews.Net podcast. With each episode, the show’s host, Doc Rotten, spotlights a director, an actor, a screenwriter, an effects artists, a film maker conquering hurdles and barriers to get their films made, to follow their passion, to make horror films.

Alan G. Kelly joins The Future of Horror to discuss his involvement and experiences on many genre films of the recent past, the hit television show The Strain and the upcoming haunted house epic Crimson Peak. He schools Doc in what it takes to get behind the camera as an operator and the rigors, challenges and rewards of being involved in the industry. He speaks to getting into the business and where the business can lead anyone with talent, drive and ambition. Get ready for a unique and informative interview with Alan G. Kelly.

You can find out more about Alan G. Kelly and his films at these links:

Alan G. Kelly on IMDb : http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1823240/
Alan G. Kelly on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alangkellysteadicam

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Doc Rotten

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